Millstone Water Features landscape rock fibre glass water features
Millstone Water Features landscape rock fibre glass water features
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We are a company dedicated to importing exclusive range of fibreglass products, including a distinctive range of water features.

Our products are available direct from our website or should you reside in Surrey or Middlesex, why not visit one of the following outlets:

Our range of water features, all handmade in South Africa are all unique in numerous ways and have been developed over many years. The focus of the range has been inspired by age old African Milling Stones. These milling stones have been used for decades by tribal Zulu women, to ground down maize/corn on the cob, in order to make a kind of flour. This in turn was used in the making of bread and a thick porridge like meal called, "uphuthu"

As time has moved on, this tradition has almost been lost and many stones have just been left lying in the bush in a variety of locations throughout Southern Africa, predominantly Kwa-Zulu Natal, hence the naming of our range of the water features,

Inanda: "a place of beauty".Bizana: "overflowing with water". Tugela: "a resting place". Polela: "Cool Water - Majuba, Maluti and Ixopo - all places with Zulu names from where the stones have been collected.

However, over the years many of the stones found their way into gardens, to be used as part of water features, birdbaths and dog bowls, these are all now part of a lost way of life.

Being eco friendly and believing in the preservation of tradition, we as a business campaigned for these stones to be protected, with any remaining stones found, being given to local museums. After many years this dream has now become a reality. The "stones" are now protected by conservation laws and may no longer be collected and taken for personal use.

We have donated many stones to various institutions and in return they have allowed us to cast replicas from some of their stones, hence our range of some eighteen distinctive, individual shapes and sizes.

We have over the years developed a technique of not only authentically reproducing the stones, complete with texture but also impregnating a varying colour contrast into the finished products. This alleviates any peeling, fading or the colour being "washed" off. We have also ensured that all our products are frost resistant.

We have used a combination of stones to create a range of distinctive water features, endeavoring at all times to be as true to the originals as possible. All of our products are water tested as running features prior to being packaged and shipped to the UK.

Each water feature is completely self-contained and lightweight by design, no excavation required, leading to ease of installation and can be used in exterior or interior locations, especially those that include a hidden reservoir, ideally suited for conservatories and patios. Another advantage is our exclusive integrated concealed low voltage lighting system.

For the more adventurous DIY enthusiast, you are able to purchase individual stones to create your own unique water feature. Please request photo of an eight stone water feature that flows into an existing pond, via our email link.

All our past customers have expressed their appreciation for the effectiveness of their unique water feature, whilst enjoying the sound and movement of the water and believe it has not only enhanced their garden but has added to its tranquility, enticing new visitors such as dragonflies and a variety of birds.

We would also like to thank all our past customers who have joined with us in helping save and preserve a little piece of South African culture, a lost way of life and past traditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information

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